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Using Fashion Patterns For Sculpture

I have used PatternMaker pattern drafting software to produce patterns for a women's clay torso. I do not know whether this might be approved by "real artists" but for me it was a lot of fun.

I printed the patterns in a 50% scale.

torso2.jpg (103340 bytes)

First I made the upper part of the torso i.e. from neck to waist. I cut the pieces from a 1.5 cm thick clay slap which I made with a rolling pin.

torso2b.jpg (117865 bytes)

I joined the front pieces and the back pieces and let them dry a moment on a bottle.

torso2a.jpg (73391 bytes)

Then I joined the front and the back pieces together at side seams and shaped the bust roughly by pressing the clay from the inside. Before joining the shoulder seams I put crushed paper inside the figure to support it during the next drying period. When this was done I put the figure in a plastic bag to wait for the joining of the upper and the hip part of the torso.

torso2c.jpg (83762 bytes)

Then I used pants patterns for the hip part of the torso.  I cut the parts from clay slab ...

torso2d.jpg (93248 bytes)

... and joined both halves of the hip part and modeled roughly the buttock area.

torso2e.jpg (102450 bytes)

Then the halves were joined together. Also the hip part of the torso was filled with paper.

torso2f.jpg (41710 bytes)

Then I joined the top part to the hip part of the torso. I used water to seal the seams.

torso2g.jpg (84389 bytes)

For the arms I used sleeve patterns. After having cut them from clay slab I joined the side seams of them. The arms were then positioned to their places using water to seal the seams and the shoulders where roughly shaped with wooden modeling tools.

Before joining the arms to the torso, I removed the paper from the upper part of the torso. To get more room for that I temporarily cut one shoulder open.

torso2i.jpg (60230 bytes)

Finally the torso got its finishing touches with rubber and steal kidneys and with wet sponge.

torso2k.jpg (46199 bytes)

torso2l.jpg (66509 bytes)

Now the torso is drying. I shall buisquit it in 920C. Then I am going to add copper oxide to the surface and burn it in 1020C.

I also made another object which you can see beside the torso on the picture. It was made using the pants' patterns and is meant to be used as a flower pot.


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