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Measuring For Men's Garments

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[Women's standard measurements]
[Men's standard measurements]

Make the subject stand straight but relaxed when he is being measured. Best measuring result is reached if the measurements are taken on underwear. 

Set 3 cm wide elastic bands around the subject's waist and hip. Search the correct places of these elastic bands carefully. Keep these elastic bands on their places during the whole measuring process.

Except for pants' and sleeve cuff circumference and jacket length, all measurements are body measurements. DO NOT ADD ANY EASE to the measurements, the program does it for you. DO NOT TIGHTEN MEASURING TAPE.

Print the measurement chart for men

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Body height


From head to toe

Neck circumference


Around base of neck

Chest circumference


Under armpits around chest at widest point

Chest width


Width of chest at widest point from sleeve seam to sleeve seam. Hold your arms relaxed at your sides. Measure at the points where the arms touch the body.

Waist circumference


At the level where waist circumference is maximum.

Hip circumference


At the level where hip circumference is maximum

Back length


From bottom of back neck to back waist center. For the bottom of the neck, use the fifth vertebra (the one that makes a bump at the base of the neck).

Back width


Width across shoulder blades from sleeve seam to sleeve seam. Measure at widest point of back. Hold your arms relaxed at your sides. Measure at the points where the arms touch the body.

Sleeve length


From shoulder tip to wrist. Shoulder tip is where you can feel a gap between the shoulder and arm bones. Hold your arm horizontal, if necessary, to find the point.

Cuff circumference


Desired circumference of the garment

Jacket length from waist


Desired length of the jacket measured from waist


Waist circumference


Waist can be measured at different level for pants and for jacket. Some men want to wear pants below abdomen at front.

Hip circumference


At the level where hip circumference is maximum

Knee circumference


Measure around knee when it is slightly bent

Pants' outside length


From bottom edge of waist elastic to where you want the cuff to be, side.

Pants' inside length


From cuff to crotch. Measure from a pair of old, well-fitting pants.

Cuff Circumference for pants


Desired circumference of cuff. This is the actual circumference of the pants leg and not the ankle measurement.

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