Sewers Track

Our Sewers Track is best if you:

  • don't want to make patterns
  • want to sew from existing patterns
  • sew for yourself, family or friends
  • work in the garment industry
  • know how to sew from paper patterns
  • don't like the selection or the fit of a pattern
  • want the computer draw the pattern in the right size

Products for this track:

We have various programs for different skills and needs. For the Sewer Track we suggest these products as a start:

Additional information:

  • If you want to go beyond the products recommended for this track, take a look at PatternMaker Professional Studio.
  • You can see a complete listing of our patterns on the Patterns Page.
  • For alterations, take a quick walk through of Leenas Quick Start. It is written for an older version of PatternMaker but still applies.