PatternMaker Customers Around The World

PatternMaker At Work in New Zealand

by Bruce W. Miller

Since 1998, Coco Laporte has been making her mark from Auckland, New Zealand with pattern making. She got her start in France, where she was born. "I did a short course in pattern making in Paris and learned the Lavigne method. That was enough to have me started. I am mainly self-taught."

Once in New Zealand, Coco says "I started a dress-making Studio, made to measure. I was drafting the pattern on paper as I always refused to use the commercial patterns."

During her paper period, Coco discovered PatternMaker. "Discovering PatternMaker was a big step towards improving my production and skill. I saved so much time. First I was printing on an old A3 printer and I purchased an A1 printer which can print on thick cardboard and normal paper rolls."

After establishing herself in her studio and learning PatternMaker, the PatternMaker software has become much more important. "I use PatternMaker all the time."

Coco says she uses PatternMaker "To make the pattern of the clothes I make, to prepare the class, prepare the handouts. I use Patternmaker more than text books." Her reference to class and handouts and text books relate to her twice-weekly pattern making classes.

In regards to the class in particular, Coco says "I prepare the class with print outs made with PatternMaker. I print the development on A4 and give it to my students. I enclose the preparation on the shawl collar done with PatternMaker. I take a snapshot if I want to make an online tutorial for the Youtube channel."

Another technique she uses for her class is to print a block on their measurement done in Macrogenerator on the Lavigne method. Coco says "The students can start by developing garment construction on their own measurements."

PatternMaker has allowed her to expand. "I have developed my own method for a lot of constructions. I have started a Youtube channel with tutorials using patternmaker. I have put some patterns on line (Etsy, Craftsy) for PDF download using PatternMaker."

Coco summed up her experience with PatternMaker this way: "I couldn't have started that class in so good condition. I couldn't have made so many garments for my customers without PatternMaker and Macrogenerator."